Office of the Sheriff  -  St. Lawrence County


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The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has two full time youth officers on staff. These officers perform a variety of duties in the Sheriff’s Office and maintain a link with young people in the community.  Sgt. Scott Bonno and Deputy David Craig handle the investigative caseload involving youth less than 16 years of age who commit offenses against the community, in violation of the New York State Penal law.  They also offer guidance and assistance to parents/community members who struggle with the actions of youth less than 18 years of age that commit offenses which are not crimes. 

These incidents are described as “status” offenses, and represent PINS (person in need of supervision) actions that may be prosecuted in family court. 


D.A.R.E (drug abuse resistance education) is a 10 week anti-drug, alcohol and violence program that seeks to educate 5th and 6th grade students about the problems associated with drug use and poor decision-making.  The program focus on “Gateway Drugs”, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and inhalants, allows students to begin to shape their own opinions about drugs, which are easily accessible in the home and community.  The facts about these drugs are a focal point of D.A.R.E. lessons, and lead students to analyze situations before making choices that they may regret.  Decision-making is a central theme of the program and students practice scenarios in class that will help them in critical situations.  The D.A.R.E. program has been offered by the Sheriff’s Office for twelve years in schools across the County. Currently, Sgt. Bonno and Dep. Craig deliver the program with annual enrollment between 450-500 students to ten rural schools, as follows: Clifton-Fine, Colton-Pierrepont, Edwards-Knox, Hammond, Hermon-Dekalb, Heuvelton, Lisbon, Madrid-Waddington, Morristown, and St. James Parochial School.


Summer Camper on the shore of Keuka Lake at Penn Yan,

in the Finger Lakes region.


Every summer the New York State Sheriffs’ Association hosts a co-ed summer camp on the shore of Keuka Lake at Penn Yan, in the Finger Lakes region.  Each county is invited to participate and send youths from their community for a one-week camping opportunity. Campers participate in many kinds of activities ranging from sailing to hiking, and from fishing to educational demonstrations by deputies to include K-9 handling and scuba diving.  This camping opportunity exists as a result of the commitment to youth by the past and present sheriffs of New York State.  There is no cost attached to this opportunity, which allows over 800 kids annually a chance to interact with others from across the Empire State.  Campers from St. Lawrence County are selected based on financial, academic and social need with valuable input/assistance from local school districts. The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office coordinates this event for area youth each year and has traditionally sent approximately 30 kids between 9 and 12 years of age on a great adventure!!!! 

      Sheriff Wells has forged a liaison with five rural school districts in the county.  The result has placed Deputy Craig and Sgt. Bonno in Colton-Pierrepont, Edwards-Knox, Hermon-Dekalb, Heuvelton and Morristown School districts for a period of four hours once during the week. The result of this union has afforded young people contact with police officers in a comfortable non-threatening environment, which features regular classroom contact in the elementary classes and topical discussion in high school government, health, and economics classes.  Officers also work with school administrations to solve/prevent problems in the school/district in an effort to better maintain order and discipline.  The result of this process has made officers more approachable by students and school staff, and has enhanced the concept of community policing in above districts.

      Public relations in the community fall on the shoulders of every officer within the Sheriff’s Office. However, the need to present an officer to appear at specific community events often falls to the Juvenile division.  This office annually presents over fifty events to thousands of participants, consisting of community health fairs, academic career days for high school students, 911- building tours and Neighborhood Watch.  Officers fingerprint young children, speak to scouts, address the elderly, and many other groups in the community.