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Criminal Division

Criminal Division 315-379-2222
Criminal Investigations 315-379-2360
Civil Division 315-379-2221
Correctional Division 315-379-2367
Juvenile/ DARE 315-379-2362
Administration 315-379-2365

Brooks Bigwarfe ~ UnderSheriff

Drug Information Tip Line 1-800-287-3784 (1-800-287-DRUG)

The Criminal Division is the Police Division of the Sheriff's Office. The Criminal Division is staffed by fully sworn Deputy Sheriff/Patrol Officers who work in the titles of the Deputy Sheriff, Uniformed Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Juvenile Sergeant and Detective.

UnderSheriff Brooks Bigwarfe over sees the overall day-to-day aspects of the Criminal Division that includes: Road Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Drug Task Force, Juvenile & DARE, Navigational & Snowmobile Units and the Warrant Unit.

Members of the Criminal Division must posses in-depth knowledge in the day-to-day events that unfold during their tours of duty. In-Service training includes but is not limited to self-defense, CPR/AED, first aid, defensive & offensive driving, training in firearms and non-lethal weapons, evidence collection, criminal investigations, DWI recognition & enforcement, interview techniques, Victim advocacy and much more.

Criminal Division

  • Road Patrol

The Road Patrol: is comprised of Deputy Sheriff/Patrol Officers and Uniformed Sergeants who, through their sworn duty, place themselves in harm’s way and put their lives on the line for the citizens and visitors of St. Lawrence County.  The Road Patrol is tasked with patrolling the 2,822 square miles that is St. Lawrence County. Each Deputy Sheriff/Patrol Officer is highly trained in a multitude of areas that are covered under New York State Division of Criminal Justice / Office of Public Safety training standards. The members of the Road Patrol respond to motor vehicle accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, domestic incidents, larcenies, disorderly subjects, calls for many types of assistance both emergency and non-emergency, burglaries, robberies, assaults and homicides. They are asked at any point in their tour of duty to be teachers, parents, social workers, mental health workers, negotiators and mediators. Deputy Sheriff/Patrol Officers are asked to make split second decisions that can affect the lives of victims, suspects and the Deputies themselves.  Through constant day-to-day supervision, mentoring and regularly scheduled In-Service training, combined with their own life experience and common sense, Deputy Sheriff/Patrol Officers are prepared to handle any type of situation and that is shown in the level of Professionalism that is displayed and modeled by the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. 

  • Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation arm of the Criminal Division, staffed by Detective Sergeants, is tasked with handling Felony level complaints. Detective Sergeants are responsible for investigating; deaths (homicide, accidental & suspicious), serious personal injury & fatal motor vehicle & recreational vehicle incidents, alleged sexual and physical abuse of; children, adults and seniors, suspicious fires & Arson, Grand Larcenies, Burglaries, Robberies and Fraud. They are on call 24/7 and are highly trained and continually educated in all aspects of their profession. They work as a cohesive team with other Police Agency Investigators, the District Attorney’s Office and Victims Rights Groups to provide the highest level of professionalism to the people of St. Lawrence County.

  • Drug Task Force

The St. Lawrence County Drug Task Force is sponsored by and led by the Sheriff’s Office. A Detective Sergeant of the Sheriff’s Office supervises the Drug Task Force on a day-to-day basis. The Drug Task Force is made up of members of the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and members of other local Police Agencies.  The Drug Task Force works daily in conjunction with Federal, State and Local Police Agencies to develop information, investigate and arrest individuals and groups who transport, sell, deal and profit from the illicit drug industry.

  • Juvenile / DARE

The members of the Criminal Division of the Sheriff’s Office come in contact with all levels of the public. They interact with citizens in need of assistance, victims, witnesses and suspects. Suspects can include all levels of offenders: non-violent, violent, drug dealers, drunk drivers, burglars and sex offenders. Members of the Criminal Division interact with a multitude of governmental and non-governmental agencies including but not limited to: US Customs & Border Protection, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, State Police Agencies, Local Police Agencies, NYS Department of Corrections, other County Correctional Facilities, Mental Health Agencies, Department of Social Services, Community Crisis Intervention Agencies, Universities, Colleges, Local Schools and many more.

The Criminal Division of the Sheriff’s Office provides public education, training and awareness seminars on various subjects including DARE in 10 rural school districts, Instructors on Law Enforcement topics at various Police Academies, Neighborhood Watch and Sex Offender Issues. The venue that these training and awareness programs are presented can vary from fraternal organizations to Town Halls and other public forums.

  • Navigational & Snowmobile Units

The Navigational and Snowmobile units of the Sheriff’s Office work scheduled patrols on the waterways and trails of the St. Lawrence County on seasonal basis and as needed by the Sheriff’s Office to complete the calls for service from the people of St. Lawrence County. The Sheriff’s Office has in its equipment inventory two (2) 2003 Polaris 600 Snowmobiles with trailer and one (1) 2004 Scout Boat with a Mercury 110 HP Motor and trailer.

  • Sex Offender Community Notification

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office takes their responsibility in regards to Registered Sex Offenders and Community Notification seriously and makes every effort to provide an enhanced process to notify the people of St. Lawrence County. This is completed through the process set forth by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the Sex Offender Registry and by statute set forth by New York State legislation. The Sheriff’s Office takes these tools, through their website, and enhances them by providing the public with access to Sex Offender Watch  and providing full information on not only Level 3 Offenders but also provides all legal information possible on Level 2 Offenders. When any proposed legislative changes are made to allow further public information on Sex Offenders, changes will be made to “Sex Offender Watch” to reflect these changes to public access.

  • Warrant Unit

The Warrant Unit of the Sheriff’s Office maintains, tracks and investigates all of the Civil & Criminal; violation, misdemeanor and felony level warrants that come into the possession of the Sheriff’s Office. This results in interaction with numerous State and Local Court personnel and other members of the Criminal Justice Community through computer, phone and face-to-face contact.